Eager to get your hands on One Plus X? If you are one of those who are agog for the OnePlus X, now, you can buy OnePlus X from GizOK.com without invitation.

Buy OnePlus X

OnePlus will be selling a limited number of the brand new smartphone via the pop-up stores in its selected cities in different parts of the globe. As such, interested fans must move blazingly fast by the time these pop-up stores finally land on their places.

Meanwhile, If you won't be lucky enough to grab one on the above-mentioned X pop-up events, the best way to purchase OnePlus X is through signing up for an invite on the company's website.

In November, One Plus will be rolling out invites on a regular basis. A total of 10,000 invites have already been sent out by the company on Oct. 29.

Invites can also be grabbed by joining in social promotions as well as competitions. Interestingly, anyone who ordered the OnePlus X can also send an invite to a friend to purchase one. It has to be noted, though, that invitations are limited.

Buyers will need to choose which model they opt to purchase. Now there is a good news, buy OnePlus X phone from GizOK where you don't need an invite.