MIUI 9 is being released first time for the public for the devices Redmi Note 4X Qualcomm  and the Xiaomi Mi 6 and progressively it will be released for the other devices as well. So you might be wondering how to flash MIUI 9 on your concerned device?

First of all, make sure that you backup your Photos, Music, Important Files, Apps, etc. because they might be lost in the Flashing/Upgrading process.

Note: XiaomiDevice does not responsible for the loss of your device, if anything goes wrong. So start on your own responsibility.

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System Update/Updater App Method
(For the people Global Stable/Global Beta)

Download the Recovery ROM for your device. Place it in your Internal Storage.

Open your Updater app>Click on the three dots in the Top Right Corner and Click Choose Update Package.

Choose the downloaded ROM and Click OK. Wait for the process and click Reboot.

That's all. There will be no data loss in the process but then also make sure that you backup your important data to be on the safer side. After Updating to MIUI 9 if you face any app crashes then just Re-Install the app.

If you are not able to upgrade using the Updater app or it shows Can't verify then follow the Fastboot Method Below.

(Alternate Method for the people on Global Beta)
Open your Updater app and you will be able to see the update (If you are not able to then don't panic just wait for some hours or follow the above method). Click on Download Now and wait for the download process to finish. After that Click on Update Now > Reboot. After Updating to MIUI 9 if you face any app crashes then just Re-Install the app.

Note: Images are for Illustrative Purposes Only!

Fastboot Method
(For the people on Global Stable/Global Developer/China Stable/China Developer)

1. Make sure that your device's Bootloader is Unlocked. If it isn't, apply here.
2. Download the Fastboot ROM for your concerned device.
3. Download the latest Mi Flash tool from here.
4. Install it and if it prompts to Install. Net Frameworks, then First Turn-On Windows Update and then Click on Download & Install in the Pop-Up Window otherwise it won't Download. After installing turn-off the Windowd Update.
5. Make sure that you Disable the Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows. 

Backup all of your data before flashing because this process won't save your data.

Now Turn off the device. Press the Volume– key and the Power button at the same time to enter Fastboot mode. Then connect the device to the Windows PC/laptop via a micro USB cable.

After all above is done, Extract the downloaded ROM in the Root folder of the Drive e.g: C:\Extracted ROM for Easy Flashing. Copy the Path of the folder.

Fire Up the Mi Flash tool and Paste the path of the folder in the tool. Choose clean all option in the Mi Flash to avoid any unwanted bugs. But however you can choose other options in the Mi Flash tool also.

Click on Refresh in the Mi Flash tool if you can't see your device. Make sure that Correct drivers are installed for your device.
Select your device in the tool and Click Flash. Wait Patiently for the flash process and Do not Interrupt this process at all. If you do so you might end up bricking your device. After successful flashing, your device will automatically reboot.

1) Why my device is not detected in Mi Flashing Tool?
Please make sure you're in fastboot mode and all the required drivers are installed.

2) Why there's error when I click on flash option in Mi Flashing Tool?
Please make sure the path of the ROM file is correct, if the errors still occur choose flash all or flash all data and storage option