There is a new way to change your China ROM to Global ROM and Im here to show you how to proceed.

Disclaimer: Flash at your own risk, I am not responsible for anything that will happen to your phone.

Things Needed before you proceed:
- Xiaomi Mi 6 / or any Xiaomi Phone
- PC / Laptop with Windows 8/8.1/10
- Fast Internet Connection
- Original Data Cable
- XiaoMi Tool

Step 1: Download the XiaoMi Tool as provided above, Install it properly to your computer.

Step 2: Enable the USB Debuging Mode on your Mi 6, click the MIUI version for 5x and access the Developers Option to turn on the USB Debugging Mode. Then Plug the USB cable to your Mi 6, Allow the PC to access your phone on your phone screen.

Step 3: It will now detect your phone, will took a little while, chill and drink your coffee.

Step 4: Select your phone that is detected by the program and click SELECT

Step 5: The Phone will reboot several times, at one point it will check the recovery rom, you will manually select the 3rd option on you phone then press power button before proceeding with the flash.

Step 6: It will keep running and running until you reach this screen:

Step 7: Select the ROM that you want, only select the GREEN ones as those are the only one not requiring bootloader to be unlocked. I selected Global Stable ROM.

Note: this program requires users to flash to China Stable ROM before going to Global ROM, but since mine is China Stable ROM out of the box, I can proceed to flash Global Stable ROM.

Step 8: You will need to finish downloading the ROM that you selected, if your internet is slow, expect it to finish after you completed a 3 hour Movie as the Recovery ROM is sized around 1.5 GB

Step 9: Just a little more...

Step 10: ROM Download is Done, it will unpack on its own to your phone.

Step 11: Access the Recovery ROM on your phone, again use volume down to select the 3rd option on your phone then click power button to continue.

Step 12: Stock Recovery will now run on your phone and it will look like this:

Step 13: Just a little more...

Step 14: Congratulations its done!!

Step 15: Check if its already in Global Rom and if bootloader is still locked