You can install Google Play Store without root. There is no need to install TWRP or CWM either. We also receive the huge benefit of keeping Play Store and Services and Framework when we OTA. Why? Because they are installed as part of user data instead of injected into system.

In all phones we've tested, Play and all associated data and apps remain after OTA with no reinstall of gapps required.

This should work with most major brand China phones, eg: Meizu M2, Meizu M2 Note, Xiaomi Mi4C, Xiaomi Redmi 3, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, LeTV 1s X500, and phones such as these which typically have only official CN ROMs, or which have more up to date CN ROMs than the India or Global ROMs.

How to install Google Play, Google Framework, Google Services, Google Play Store without root or twrp or cwm


This guide will show you how to install Google Play Services on most any legitimate brand China mobile. Tested so far are the ones in the beginning of this thread, but it should work for many.

The great thing about this is that there's no need to root or install a custom recovery or flash anything.

1. download the .zip from the link above and extract the .apk to your phone
2. Install and run the apk
3. Press the big button in installer apk
4. Click install as each app finishes auto-downloading
5. Make sure to allow permissions for the various components if requested.
6. Google Play will update itself automatically in the background within first few minutes after using it

Doesn't get any easier than this. Enjoy and comment if it's helped you. Regards.

Yes, we're very aware there are other reasons users may wish to root or install custom recovery, but if you just want Play Store, Play Services, Play Framework without the hassle, this guide is for you.