Huawei Ascend P6 Frequently Asked Questions

1. The advertised ROM is 8 GB, but the actual available ROM is only 3.6 GB. Why?
A: System data and pre-installed applications take up a certain portion of the storage, and certain space is reserved for application installation and online upgrade

2. Can I remove the back cover?
A: Your phone adopts an integrated design. Do not attempt to remove the back cover yourself. If your phone needs to be repaired, please contact an authorized service center.

3. While the GSM data service is enabled, after I wake up the screen, the data connection icon does not appear until a few seconds later. Why?
A: When your screen turns off, your data service automatically turns off after a certain period of time to save power.

4. I have assigned a photo to a contact but the photo is not displayed in the message thread of that contact. Why?
A: Check your contact list for any contact with the same contact information but no contact photo. Then delete the contact without a photo.

5. My phone's stability decreases and it sometimes breaks down, unexpectedly restarts, or respond slowly. Why?
A: Touch Settings a Backup & reset a Factory data reset to restore your phone to its factory settings. Note that restoring your phone will erase all user data.

6. Why does my phone respond slowly? For example, it takes a long time for the screen to light up
A: Maybe too many applications are running. Clear all background applications and try again.   

7. Why can't my phone turn off automatically?
A: Touch the recent key on the navigation bar and touch the brush icon to clear all background applications. Alternatively, check whether timing applications are running, because they prevent your phone from going asleep.

8. I connect my phone to a computer for charging and watch online videos using my phone at the same time, and the battery level decreases. Why?
A: The charging current provided by your computer is only about 500 mA, which is lower than the power consumed by watching online videos. You are advised to charge your phone using the power adapter.

9. Sometimes I cannot access the Internet using my mobile data connection. Why?
A: Check whether your phone has a sufficient balance. If so, touch Settings à Mobile networks to select Data enabled and Enable always-on mobile data. If the two options have been selected already, clear and reselect them.

10. Why is the volume small when I play songs in speaker mode?
A: 1. Touch Settings à Sound à Volume to increase the volume.
   2. Make sure the rear cover protective film is removed because it may block the speaker. This protective film is only to protect your phone from dust during the manufacture process.
   3. Try playing other loud songs to check whether the volume of the song itself is small.

11. Why is the image on the viewfinder blurred until 2 to 3 seconds after I open the camera?
A: When the camera is turned off, it focuses at an infinite distance. After you turn on the camera, it will wait until the viewfinder becomes stable to start focusing. This process takes 2 to 3 seconds.

12. Why is the photo of a moving object blurred?
A: The camera needs time to expose. During this period of time, if the object moves, the light it reflects will be sensed by different light sensing components of the camera, and the image you captured will therefore look blurred.

13. When I take a self-portrait, why does my face look thinner and my eyes bigger?
A: Your phone provides a beauty mode, which automatically makes your face thinner, eyes bigger, and more. When you take a photo using the front camera, beauty mode is turned on by default. You can adjust the beauty mode settings in the Settings menu.

14. When I take a photo of my hand at night but the camera sometimes fails to focus. Why?
A: The detail contrast on your hands is not strong as the whole palm is in the same color. In addition, the camera's focus accuracy is impacted by the low brightness at night. As a result, the camera sometimes cannot focus. It is recommended that you turn on the flashlight before focusing the camera, or you can hold an object with strong contrast, such as a black and white ball.

15. Why do photos taken at night have speckled pixels?
A: For clearer dark details in photos you take in the dark, the ISO value has been increased to improve the photo brightness, which at the same time enhances the noise. It is recommended that you turn on the flashlight when taking photos in the dark.

16. Why does ripples appear on my screen when I press it hard?
A: The LCD is a precision component. The force applied to the LCD in normal use will not cause ripples. Only when under great force will ripples appear. This is a common  phenomenon, and the screen will return to normal after the external force is removed.

17. Why does my screen look a little yellow?
A: On the home screen, touch Settings à Display à Color temperature to adjust the color temperature.

18. Are there springs in the SIM and microSD card slots?
A: No. The SIM card and microSD card slots adopt a super-thin design without any springs. To open the card trays, insert the end of a paper clip into the holes on the trays and push hard until the card trays come out.