The netizen released the official renderings of the Huawei mobile phone on twitter, there is Huawei P8 lightly armed version, reportedly will use metal fuselage, support dual card dual standby function.

Huawei Ascend P8 specs

The leaked on twitter at Huawei P8 Lite official renderings, allegedly from the anonymity of Huawei dealer. As for the appearance of mobile phone and the Ministry unveiled a new machine Huawei ALE-UL00 exactly the same, but also with a very narrow border design.

Huawei P8 codenamed Grace, uses the same slim design, will be equipped with 5.2 inches touch screen 1080p resolution, with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage capacity, and will be equipped with Android 5.0 system and equipped with Huawei Kirin930 processor, have 1300W pixel rear camera. In addition, also with a 500W pixel front camera, the distribution of the battery capacity is expected around 3000 Mah, will provide beyond endurance performance of the same type.

Huawei P8 will use metal body design, but whether there will be a ceramic or ceramic body releases the border has not been confirmed. Prior to this, there is news broke the news that there are two versions of Huawei P8 or launch, Standard Edition plus double-sided metal frame glass, and high version will use zirconia ceramic unibody frame.

Currently, Huawei has identified new conference will be held in London on April 15, and there will be the launch of Huawei P8, as to whether there will be simultaneous release of Huawei P8 Lite, can only wait announced at the press conference.