Although Huawei P10 is released in March, but for various reasons, it did not achieve the desired sales results.However, Huawei will not give up the p series of high-end market, according to the news, Huawei reproduce the new machine, not Huawei Mate 10, but Huawei P11, it seems Huawei P11 will be released soon.
huawei p11
Huawei p11 will use super-face screen, the entire body are not a physical key . It looks very science fiction, the design is extremely good. And the fuselage will use the ultra-thin design, even much thinner than iPhone.And in the back of the design, still retains the P10 chip-type process, the continuation of the previous generation of body design elements. As for camera, the back camera is still using Leica dual-camera program, using the third generation of Leica lens, pixels up to 23 million +13 million lens combination, also called "portrait master" . In fact, recently released Huawei mobile phone, like Huawei Honor V9, the camera is also suitable for taking pictures.

Of course, there are upgrades in the configuration of Huawei P11, it will be equipped with Kirin 970 processor, 6GB memory, 4000mAh super fast rechargeable battery, but the specific parameters of the configuration should wait for the official announcement.Recently, Huawei Honor 9 released on June 12,the beautiful 3D curved glass stimulates our vision,So if you like Huawei phones ,don’t hesitate and buy it quickly.