According to Huawei's mobile phone has always been the update strategy to see, after the P series is updated to Mate series, such as after Huawei P10 launched in March and then Huawei Mate 10 will launch is a matter of course, but it seems they have a new plan in preparation.
huawei p20
According to the latest report, Huawei has applied for the Huawei P20 trademark.With the sudden action, it is said that Huawei P20 new phone will release before the end of the year. Reported that this piece of Huawei P20 new machine will be equipped with 4000mAh capacity battery, also provides Leica rear dual-camera (in anti-shake effect and HDR function has improved), with 5.7-inch full screen, the overall shape with the Samsung Galaxy S8 similar , And there are 6GB / 8GB two memory optional, equipped with Kirin 960 processor. Before we though it would release Huawei P11, and we did not expect such a sudden release P20.

If the end of the year before the release of Huawei P20, then it should be equipped with Kirin 970, rather than Kirin 960. The second half of Huawei's mobile phone should be equipped with Kirin 970, the first release of the mobile phone should also be Huawei mate10. But regardless of whether the message is accurate, but the overall screen design will be Huawei's next high-end mobile phone will certainly be involved in the elements, if the P20 really exists, then from the release time, should be launched in the first quarter of next year . And Huawei has just released a good phone Huawei Honor 9 with 3D glass body is also worth buying.