There is no doubt that a comprehensive screen will be the future of the most important mobile phone on a development trend. There have been news that Huawei to launch a comprehensive screen flagship, and in addition to Huawei Mate 10, the Honor will have related products involved. Now, the Huawei of the full screen of the new machine Huwei Honor Note 9 rendering map in the exposure, the overall look screen share is quite high.
huawei honor note 9
From the appearance point of view, this new machine frame is quite narrow, while the use of double-sided glass + metal frame design.Of course, the most obvious features is a 18: 9 aspect ratio of the full screen models. It is said that the machine is equipped with a 6.6-inch 2K display, and has 6GB RAM +64 GB ROM combination storage.As for the Honor Note 9 processor, according to Huawei's habits, this phone is expected to be released before the Mate 10,so it still will use Kirin 960 processor.

Huawei Honor series has been very popular with young people, Huawei Honor 9 released 28 days in the world sold 100 million units, which is shocking results.However the high-end phone of Huawei P10 has been relesed four months ,but the results is worse than Honor 9,so Huawei need released another High-end p series phone which called Huawei P20 to increase sales.So P20 must use the Kirin 970 peocessor.