Easily manage your data and applications;
One-key download and install of resources from internet;
Enhanced android smart device user experience.

Update content:
1. Improved the stability of connections between HiSuite and your device.
2. Fixed the issue where the font size is large at certain screen resolutions.
3. Fixed the issue where the number of ungrouped contacts is not updated after a customized group is deleted.
4. Fixed the issue where the file names are inconsistent between duplicate exports of photos and videos.
5. Fixed the process exceptions that occur when HiSuite exits.
6. Fixed the issue where app download fails when you touch an app for consecutive times in the App Center.
7. Fixed the display exceptions with the application management page in certain cases.
8. Fixed the issue where the storage capacity information is not displayed properly on the home page.

Download: HiSuiteSetup v2.3.50