There are many new machines equipped with the popular full screen design in 2017, and the main focus for the manufacturers is continue, change and optimize, and according to the news exposed on the internet that the new machines of the Huaawei Honor will all be equipped with the full screen design. In other words, the next generation of the Huawei Honor 10 will apply this design and it is under preparing.

Huawei Honor 10

But there is a question need to be confirmed that whether the Honor 10 will be equipped with the pre-fingerprint like the phone of the Huawei Honor V10 or just equip with the screen fingerprint directly or just like the design of the iPhone that cancel the fingerprint and equip with face recognition.

It is said that new model of the Huawei P20 will be released in Paris on March 27, which is expected to release at the end of the February on MWC, with the help of the 6GB+128GB memory combination plus the Kirin 970 processor that the running speed will be fast and smooth and the performance is wonderful like the Huawei Mate 10.

What needs to be mentioned is that this time the Honor 10 is equipped with the function of IP67 with the 20.0MP+12.0MP dual rear cameras that will bring much convenience in our daily life and record each happy moment like the camera of the Sricam SP019, and according to the equipment of the P20 that we can roughly know the configuration of the Honor 10.