Huawei mobile phone officially launched Honor 4C in Beijing, the lowest price of 799 yuan. Honor 4C equipped with 64 octa-core chip Huawei Kirin 620 with 2GB large memory, configure stronger.

Huawei honor 4C

Honor 4C The release total mobile telecom version, mobile Unicom double 4G version of the three versions. Mobile version priced at 799 yuan, double 4G version is support China Mobile, China Unicom 4G network standard, priced at 999 yuan. Three versions are equipped with 2G large memory to run, 8-core CPU. Honor 4C as a follow-up of over ten million sales for the Honor 3C, will be adjourned to Honor 3C legend, became in 2015 the smartphone market benchmark product, Honor 4C with its excellent overall performance and high cost performance for the young consumer groups to provide more purchase options.

Honor 4C equipped with Huawei self-developed octa-core smart chip - Kirin 620, an internal 8 Cortex-A53 architecture core frequency of 1.2GHz. At the same frequency, Cortex-A53 architecture compared with the A7 performance may be increased by 40%, while under the same Cortex-A53 architecture, 64 bit software operation ability is 32 bit software average upgrade 25%; through the depth of optimization system, the whole system performance dramatically; with the world's leading technology strength, Honor 4C will provide consumers with unprecedented speed and passion.

Huawei honor 4C

Huawei Kirin 620 on the GPU with a 4-core Mali-450, integrating the latest DDK, its graphics performance up to 20% plus a 2GB large memory, making Honor 4C multitasking runtime remains smooth and efficient.

Honor 4C equipped with 5 inch 720P HD screen with IPS technology and full fitting flagship OTP single screen calibration, so that the phone displays more lifelike, high-definition movie viewing more stable and reliable, especially 3D game rendering and screen switching in high-definition color picture when, giving the user unparalleled visual experience. Coupled with 7.9mm slim, the overall appearance refined and stylish.

Huawei Honor 4C of the UI system equipped EMUI3.0, user experience perfect running smoothly. As a unique visual language throughout, so that information is presented more elegant style. EMUI currently more than 100 million people every day use, covering 216 countries and territories in 47 languages.