Huawei mobile phone official announced formally identified in the annual flagship product will be named honor 6 Plus, allegedly, the aircraft will be "the year 2014 most flagship phone," and set "a science and aesthetics", "explore geometry and visual limit . "

Huawei Honor 6 Plus

2014, honor launched a number of popular models, which huawei honor 3C series sold over six million units, honor 6 sales of over 2 million units, honor 3X series sold over 3 million units. 11 day double in 2014, Huawei honor sales exceeded 1.06 billion yuan. The second half of 2014, Huawei honor rattling in the domestic market at the same time, begun to advance the global market. Huawei honor has to enter Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Korea, Malaysia, Germany, France, Italy, Russia and other 50 countries and regions. Since October 2014, honor 6 series of products, such as honor in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Britain, the Netherlands and other countries of the shopping sites are the best-selling mobile phones topped the list.

It is speculated that the name, honor 6 Plus should huawei honor 6 subsequent models, so the chip core configuration, and honor 6 may have little relevance. honor 6 is the world's first eight-core 4G Cat6 phone, with the world's fastest network speed to 300Mbps, is super-popular flagship 2014 model year. Currently not announced any official honor 6 Plus configuration information, but there is no doubt, then, honor 6 Plus will also be a landmark flagship phone.

In fact, the name on huawei honor 6 Plus, even have friends that honor 6 Plus may be directed iPhone 6 Plus comes. Outsiders expected, honor 6 Plus is likely to be released in December.