The much-anticipated Huawei Honor 8, has officially launched in Pakistan, bringing state-of-the-art mobile and camera technology into the hands of digital natives, at a price tag of just PKR/- 48,499. Not only this, Huawei also offered an unlimited 3G internet package by Mobilink Jazz along with this device.

Huawei Honor 8

The Honor 8 is, for my money at least, Huawei’s best designed smartphone at this price. Its smooth glass back cover has a nice reflective metallic finish, and has an all-round polished, premium feel.

Following the trend of previous Huawei P9 flagship devices, this device also holds a dual camera with two 12 MP sensors; one RGB sensor to capture colors and one monochrome sensor for detail. Minus an optical filter, the monochrome sensor captures three times more light than normal, improving the dynamic range of the image and reducing noise – even in darkness – delivering unparalleled picture quality. The two sensors also enable photographers to utilise a range of filters, from setting focus after the shot to changing the appearance of the Bokeh effect.

The 5.2-inch LPTS display inevitably falls short of the Amoled and Retina displays of the Galaxy S7s and iPhones of this world, with slightly more muted colours. That being said, the trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story looks great, with the X-Wing action scenes rendering very smoothly.

Featuring a 3,000mAh[i] battery with Smart Power 4.0 maximizing stand-by time, Honor 8 is expected to keep going for 1.77 days under normal usage and a full 1.22 days under heavy usage. The power is also enough to run offline videos for 10 hours straight. It also delivers a world-class 9V/2A charging experience, reaching almost 50% charges in just 30 minutes. For emergency situations, you’ll get two-hours of phone time or six-hours of offline music on a mere 10 minute charge.