As the science and the technology develop quickly that even the phones released for a long time that also can update to the newest system. According to the news come from the Gizok, the Huawei Honor 9 and the Huawei Honor V9 now support update to the new Android 8.0 system.

Huawei Honor 9

Today Honor officially announced that its two 960 flagships of the Honor 9 and Honor V9 has opened 30,000 upgrade places while the Huawei Honor V10 comes with this system from the factory, and both devices users can be used by memberships to get Android8.0 EMUI 8.0 system updates. The specific steps are through the "Member Services" - "Services" - "Upgrade Request" to be upgraded.

The new system enhancements focus on artificial intelligence support, such as smarter voice services, AI accompanying translation function that support for offline translation and pat on the translation, and further solving the problem of Android system like Caton. In other words, the phone update to this system that can compatible to the Huawei Mate 10 performance.

The models that support update this time are as follow: Huawei Honor 9 full Netcom standard version (STF-AL00), Huawei Honor 9 Netcom high version (STF-AL10), Honor 9 Netcom exclusive version (STF-AL10), Honor 9 China Mobile 4G + high version (STF-TL10), Honor 9 China Mobile 4G + Enjoy Edition (STF-TL10) and so on that the models are more than the phone of the Huawei P11.

As for the Huawei Honor V9 adapter models, including Huawei Honor V9 full Netcom Privilege Edition (DUK-AL20), Honor V9 full Netcom with version (DUK-AL20), Honor V9 Netcom standard version (DUK-AL20), Honor V9 Mobile Custom Version (DUK-TL30) and so on, which are equipped with Kirin 960 processor while the Huawei Nova 3 is said to be equipped with Kirin 670 Processor.