With some different from the past, this year's mobile phone manufacturers are the new machine release time selected in this summer , next month Huawei will be released a new phone---Huawei Honor 9.
huawei honor 9 smartphone
There is news that Huawei will be released flagship Honor 9 on June 21.The camera continues Huawei Mate 9 program, the rear camera is 12 million pixels +220 million pixel double photo (black and white + color), but will not appear Leica's Logo, and from the previous shape rendering view, double photo is horizontal set , Lens and flash in the middle also equipped with laser focus module.Recently look at Huawei released phones,like Huawei P10 and Huawei P10 Plus, their cameras are very powerful.And now Honor9 is still the same.

As the battle Xiaomi mi6, Honor 9 in the configuration will be the appropriate follow-up, such as 6GB memory, 5.2-inch 1080p screen, and may use UFS2.0 storage technology to name their own, continue to Kirin 960 processor, Also supports 5VDC / 2A or 9VDC / 2A charge output.

As for the price , it is said that Honor 9 to be 2499 RMB, with xiaomi 6 full of soared, and more importantly, both the shape is very similar, are double glass + metal frame design, positive also use 3D surface glass, Front fingerprint unlock and the back of the camera design is basically the same, simply the biggest difference between the two phones is the Logo is different.