Huawei Honor 9 has been released for nearly two months, and now offers charm sea blue, phantom black, seagull gray and amber gold four colors. Except the above four colors, the Honor official today has launched a new color - robin blue.It is reported that robin blue is the Honor joint the well-known fashion brand VOGUE to launch it together.

Huawei Honor 9

According to the news come from the Gizok that Honor 9 robin blue version using 3D lithography process that first in the laser glass on the optical texture of the texture, and then to 4 layers of optical coating, 6 layers of ink silk screen layer stacking, and finally condensed 15 different materials that the production process is different from the Huawei Mate 10.

In addition, the Huawei Honor 9 robin blue version with the white color on the front side, the handset, camera and sensor were arranged in a straight line, which looks simple and generous, will the new machine of the Huawei Honor Note 9 that has not released yet also use the same design? There is much expectation.

At present, this new machine has been put on the shelves on the official website, will be officially opened on August 16. It provides 4 +64,6 +64 and 6 +128 three versions with the price of 2299 yuan, 2699 yuan and 2999 yuan that it is said to be much cheaper than the Huawei P11..