Huawei Honor 9 was list in June as the new machine, and in 28 days to reach 100 million units of shipments, which is undoubtedly a great success for Huawei. This is almost the same as last year's Huawei Honor 8, because the sales and reputation are very good. So what is the difference between the two mobile phones?


Honor 9 follows the previous generation’s design of double-sided glass and use the 3D surface aurora glass to depicts the grating texture that in the light of the irradiation it will reflect a road streamer, which has never appeared on the other phones like the Huawei P10.

Honor 9 is still used by Huawei independent development of the Skirin 960 processor, and with 6GB large storage and storage space of 64GB and 128 GB that is much bigger than the Huawei Honor V8 while the Honor 8 equipped with a Kirin 950 processor, running with 3GB / 4GB memory, and the body storage with 32GB and 64GB optional.

In general, the performance of the Honor 9 is really better than the Honor 8. After all, it use 960 processor while the Huawei Mate 9 also with the same processor, but the Honor 8 is also a high cost mobile phone.