On December 16, Huawei is holding a special event in China where it will unveil the Huawei Honor Magic. This smartphone will be a 'concept' device, showcasing the best of what the company can accomplish at the moment from a technology standpoint. Or simply put, it's Huawei's response to the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Huawei Honor Magic

Huawei is describing the Honor Magic as a concept device, similar to how Xiaomi described the Mi Mix, Huawei Mate 9, Huawei P9 and Huawei Honor 8 showcasing the best technology that the company can incorporate into a smartphone.

In contrast, the Honor Magic still has bezels at the top and the bottom, though not as large as most smartphones. We’re guessing the ratio will be around 85-90%. That gives the front camera enough room to be on top and also fit a fingerprint scanner at the bottom. Whether that possibly small sensor is in a better place remains to be seen in practice.

Unfortunately nothing is known about the Magic's specs at the moment. Yet we do hope that Huawei Mobile will pair the outstanding looks of this handset with high-end innards, otherwise the Honor Magic is unlikely to make a big splash.