Huawei will be released in the second half of Huawei's flagship mobile phone - Huawei Mate 10, this phone will be equipped with Huawei's latest flagship processor--Kirin 970 processor with 10 nanometer process, standard 6GB running memory, perhaps the highest with 8GB.So the phone can be against Iphnoe8 which will also release in the second half of the year.
huawei mate 10
Huawei mate 10 will equipped with Kirin 970 processor with 6.0-inch 2k screen.Like the recently released Nubia Z17,Mate 10 will also may have 8GB memory. There is no opening contact 0.1S ultra-fast unlock, equipped with 4900 mAh typical battery, the use of hidden fingerprint recognition, equipped with Huawei's latest generation of super fast charge.At the same time,Huawei Mate 10 will pre-installed EMUI8.0 with Android 8.0,which is in no way inferior to IOS11.In the fingerprint identification, 0.09S rapid unlock, also equipped with iris recognition, more secure and more high speed.

In fact ,the most attractive is the camera.Compare to Huawei P10 20MP+12MP rear camera with Leica lens,Mate 10 will have front 12 MP +800 MP wide-angle camera for self-timer,and rear 16 MP +23 MP black and white camera with Leica four lens.In the camera function, it has a big upgrade. Recently,Huawei honor 9 has been released and its glass body looks very fresh.when Huawei mate 10 release with the high configuration,there will be also have several colors are available and we hope the shape has some innovation.