With the price of the material has increased a lot, many manufacturers of the mobile phone have to increase their sell price to make up for the cost, including the brand of the Huawei according to the news come from the Gizok. Recently, the price of its new machine—Huawei Mate 10 has been exposed, which still is a reasonable price comparing to the phone of the Samsung Note 8 and the iPhone 8.
huawei mate 10
It is said that the screen size of the Mate 10 is 6.2 inches, which is much bigger than the new machine of the Huawei P11 that has not released yet. In addition, it equipped with the Kirin 970 processor that the running speed will be really amazing and unforgettable with the basis of the Andrroid 8.0 EMUI 6.0 system, providing third-generation Leica dual-camera (20 million black and white +12 million color scheme) and 3D front camera that the pictures will be wonderful like the Huawei Honor 9. Its function is basically the same as the iPhone 8 that support the function of face unlock.

Now the latest news said that the Huawei Mate 10 will be included the version of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Mate 10, of which only the Pro version is equipped with the full screen design with the European price of 799 euros that is equivalent to about 6300 yuan, while the Mate 10 with the price of 599 euros that is equivalent to about 4700 yuan that is a little expensive than the Huawei Honor Note 9. From this price range, this two new machine's national line price is expected to be 5499 yuan and 4299 yuan, have you decided to buy one?