Huawei mobile sell best in the domestic market that there are many fans pay attention to its’ develop situation, and many people like to compare its products to other brand or its own other products.Recently, there is a hot discussion that whether you will choose the Huawei Mate 10 compared to the other models?

The model that used to compare frequently is the phone of the Huawei Honor V10 that also earned many favors when its’ release, and both of them with the help of the Kirin 970 processor with the same excellent performance.

Appearance, the Honor V10 is equipped with the whole metal body while the Mate 10 is featured with glass shell with metal box that looks more beautiful than the phone of the Huawei Nova 2s. What’s more, the former is equipped with a front 13 million pixels camera plus rear 20 million black and white 16 million color camera with the aperture of f1.8 that is higher than the Mate 10.

In addition, the Honor V10 is equipped with a 3750 mAh battery while the Mate 10 is equipped with a 4000 mAh battery that the standby time is longer than the former that both of them with a larger battery than the Huawei P11 while it uses a 3200 mAh battery. Last but not the least, the Huawei Mate 10 support IP53 function when the V10 without this function. Which one you like??