Huawei mate series as Huawei's most high-end product line, loved by the majority of users, last year's Huawei mate 9 also achieved unprecedented success.Therefore, Huawei mate 10 has not released yet , all the details were exposed.

It is reported that in addition to the larger battery capacity, there are very popular AI technology Cambrian chips debut this year. The overall configuration of the phone will be greatly upgraded. Equipped with a faster charging than Huawei mate 9 charging technology.In addition to improving the signal reception stability and strength, with dual WiFi antenna reception capability and 4 & dimi 4, and support dual card dual standby dual 4G, configuration enhanced at the same time the body thickness maintained at 7.7mm. It is expected that Huawei mate 10 will be more powerful in the mobile phone network.

In addition, it can be determined that Huawei mate 10 will be equipped with Kirin 970 processor, memory 6GB / 8GB. Last year's Kirin 960 in the processing performance is done well, which used in Huawei P10 and the recent released new phone--huawei honor 9. But the GPU has been less than Qualcomm, so this year's Kirin 970 Processor in addition to the use of last year's A73 architecture, GPU performance has been greatly enhanced, will be starting Heimdallr MP graphics chip, the chip using twelve core, graphics performance will be a qualitative leap. AI will also be Huawei mate 10 to be involved in the field, Huawei will launch AI processor this year, and as Huawei's most high-end models, Huawei mate10 will be equipped with AI processor, this AI processor is only used for artificial intelligence operations, Named "Cambrian". In the future, everything involved in the operation of artificial intelligence, will be dealt with by the Cambrian.

AI will become the next important breakthrough in the development of mobile phones in the future. It is reported that Huawei mate10 standard version of the price is about 3600-4000 yuan, while the top with the version will be as high as 7,000 yuan. As for the release date. It is said that Huawei mate 10 will be held a conference on October 16 in Munich, Germany . In addition to Mate 10, Huawei will release Huawei P11, but the specific release date is unclear. So please be patient to wait for Huawei mate 10 released and it will have a great compete with iPhone 8.