After the release of the iPhone X that it is very popular in the market to have the similar design with the function of face wake, while the camp of the Android prefer the function of the screen fingerprint. Recently, there is some news leaked on the internet that the next new machine of the Huawei Mate 11 may feature with the screen fingerprint.

Huawei Mate 11

It is reported that many manufacturers are focusing on the research and development of the screen fingerprint in order to increase the rate of the good product, for the cost of it is much lower than the face wake function and it is easier to achieve mass production, which has not applied on the last generation of the Huawei Mate 10 who is very popular from its release.

It is also said that as the coming of the new model of the Huawei P20 that the next Mate generation may also with the name of Huawei Mate 20, but it has not be confirmed by the official. In addition, after this news leaked that many Huawei fans think that the next machine of the Honor series—Huawei Honor 10 may also equip with this function.

Last but not least, it is said that this time the fingerprint module with the thick of 0.44 mm, which can works well under the 800 microns thick glass while the others just work under the thick of 200-300 microns that it still can work precise with the condition of wet or greasy, which will bring much convenience in our daily life compared to the phone of the Huawei Mate 11 Pro.