Now the smartphone is getting more and more intelligent,Huawei mate 9 has a lot of important small features, but we can easily ignore it.Huawei mate 9 smartphone

The first,SMS protection security, Mate 9 escort for you.Now more and more spam and harassing SMS in our life, may be an inexplicable SMS with the link, in the curiosity of the role, we entered the trap of the liar.When this happens we can enter the SMS settings inside open URL recognition, so that we can account Get maximum protection. And did not read the top is a smart set, then we can avoid looking for untied SMS distress.

Second,Huawei Share to improve the speed of the play.The speed of data transmission is very dependent in the Intelligent machine era.Huawei Share transmission speed is 100 times the traditional transmission mode, of course, can also be used to share large-scale applications.

Third,data migration allows mobile phone directory transfer to become simple.Just an app can be a network docking two mobile phones, of course, IOS equipment can also be connected.

Huawei Mate9 is a new flagship machine for Huawei Mate series.If you are interested in finding more details of the phone, I believe it will give you more surprises.By the way ,recently listed Huawei P10 is also worth considering.