Huawei Mate 9 FAQs

1, Why doesn't the screen turn on when I receive new messages?
To protect your privacy and avoid the screen turning on too often and influencing the system standby time, the current system default is set as follows: When the screen is off and new messages are received, an alert will appear and the status indicator will flash according to your ringtone and vibration settings, but the screen will not turn on.
Use the following steps to set the screen to turn on:
Go to > Screen lock & passwords > Screen lock style , and then set your phone to Magazine unlock . In Notification & status bar , turn on the Notifications turn on screen switch, so that your screen will automatically turn on when you receive notifications.

2, What can I do if the USB port is loose?
To ensure good connection, your phone has been designed leaving a slight gap between the USB port and data cable. When you plug in your USB cable and jiggle it, it feels slightly wobbly.
This will not affect normal charging or the data cable lifetime.

3, What is the advantage of using a USB Type-C port and how is it different to a Micro-USB port?
Advantages of a USB Type-C port
1) A USB Type-C port is reversible so that you can plug it in either way.
2) A USB Type-C port can transmit at a higher speed and supports 4K video transmission of 3.1 function ports.
3) USB Type-C ports can support a larger current, satisfying 3A to 5A charging, and support power supply to computers with PD function data cables.
4) USB Type-C ports have better security and are structurally more refined and reliable.

Differences between a USB Type-C port and a Micro-USB port:
1) A USB Type-C charging port has a bar-type curved shape and is reversible.
2) A Micro-USB charging port has a trapezoid shape and is not reversible.

4, Why doesn't music pause when I answer a call?
Scenario 1: Using a third party music player


This could be because the third party app didn't pause.


It is recommended that you ask the third party developer or use the pre-installed music player on your phone.

Scenario 2: Using the pre-installed music player in your phone


This could be because there is a system issue making the music pause or switching the status, or it could be due to an audio focus processing error.

It is recommended that you restart your phone or upgrade your phone to a better edition and try again.
If the problem persists, back up your data and take your phone with its receipt to one of our after-sales service centers for repair.

5, Why does the USB port on my new phone have black marks on it?
Huawei phones are put through comprehensive tests before they are released. When USB charging is tested, the USB plug rubs against the outside of the port. This may result in scratching, leading to black marks in the USB port.
Use a glasses cloth to gently wipe the black marks off.

6, Do the standard earphones for my phone support wind noise reduction?
is not supported.
The earphones have not been designed to support wind noise reduction.

7, Can I press the fingerprint sensor to turn on the screen during calls?
During a call, if the screen turns off, you can press the fingerprint sensor with any finger to turn it on again.
You can turn on the screen with any finger, but you can only unlock your phone with fingerprints that you have added.

8, Why is there a faint grid pattern on my phone?
These are the normal lines on a touchscreen. This is not a fault.

9, My phone locks after hanging up, but why is there no lock sound?
When you end a call, the loudspeaker is muted momentarily and sounds are played through the earpiece. The lock screen sound is therefore inaudible. This does not indicate that your phone is faulty.

If you end a call in hands-free mode, but there is still no lock sound, try to play an audio file through the loudspeaker. If there is still no sound, take your phone to the nearest Huawei service center for inspection.

10, Why does the screen brightness change when I switch between camera shooting modes?
This is because in different shooting modes, the system has different frame rates with different exposure times. Rest assured that this is not a phone issue.
For example, when switching from shooting mode to recording, the frame rate in the camera preview screen is different and the system exposure value is different. Therefore, the brightness in the preview screen varies. This is more obvious when switching between these two shooting modes in a dark environment.

11, Why can't the recipient hear me sometimes during VoLTE calls?
VoLTE may conflict with the carrier aggregation function, causing short interruptions of call audio.

Turn off carrier aggregation. Touch Settings > More > Mobile network and switch off LTE Cat 6 CA .
If the problem persists, touch Settings > More > Mobile network and switch off VoLTE calls temporarily.
Please report the issue to your carrier.

12, What can I do if there are some apps which don't appear in the screen lock clear list of the Phone Manager?
The default for the Huawei edition of the Sogou input method, Huawei App Center, Health and Fitness, and Huawei edition of the Baidu input method is to not be cleared from the background. Therefore, the add option isn't displayed for these apps.

Touch Phone Manager > , and check whether the Smart tune-up switch is turned on. If it is turned on, it will automatically acquire the app list for not being cleared from the cloud. If the app has already been manually set to not be cleared when the screen is locked, the app needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled for this rule to take effect.

13, How do I edit partial screenshots?
After capturing part of the screen with knuckle screenshot, touch at the bottom of the screen.
Choose a photo editing app and edit the image.
Touch to save the edited screenshot.

14, How do I change the wallpaper effects?
Open Settings .
Touch Display > Wallpaper > Set Wallpaper .
Touch Illusion or Scrollable as desired.

15, Why isn't the protective membrane secure? Why does it easily fall off?
This could be because there is too much dust on the screen. Use a glasses cloth to clean the screen and then reattach the protective membrane.

16, I have entered the Wi-Fi password, but I can't connect to the network
Cause : The router password is less than 8 characters long.
Solution : Check that the encryption method is set to WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK and set an 8-character password.
Touch the eye icon to display the password, and then check that you have entered the correct password.

17, Why don't I hear sound notifications for incoming calls, messages, alarms, and events when logged in as a sub-user?
Drag down the status bar and check that sound is not set to mute or vibrate. If necessary, chance the sound settings to Sound mode.
Check if a moon icon is displayed in the status bar. If so, this means do not disturb mode is enabled. To re-enable notifications, log in as the owner and disable do not disturb mode.

18, Why is the transparent protective membrane too big for the screen for me to attach?
The transparent protective membrane is designed to have a gap of 0.2 mm. If the transparent protective membrane goes beyond the plate on the back of the phone, it may not attach properly and needs to be stuck on again.

19, Why does my phone enable Wi-Fi automatically?
Cause : You have enabled Wi-Fi+ or installed a third-party app that automatically enables Wi-Fi.
Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi+ and check whether you have enabled Wi-Fi+. When Wi-Fi+ is enabled, your phone will automatically disable Wi-Fi when you are not within range of a known Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi will be automatically re-enabled when you are within range of a known network.
Check whether you have installed a third-party app that automatically enables Wi-Fi.

20, Why does a pop-up reminder to clear space appear on the notifications bar of my phone?
A reminder appears to clear memory when memory is insufficient. This reminder cannot be disabled.

21, Why doesn't the contact name fit onto the screen when I receive an incoming call?
The contact name may be too long.
Names longer than one line will be truncated.

22, What happens when fingerprint unlock fails?
Fingerprint recognition rules:
Your phone will vibrate briefly after the first failed unlock attempt. For subsequent failures, your phone will use a longer vibrate alert.
The fingerprint recognition interval is 3 seconds. Fingerprint recognition will be disabled after 10 consecutive failed unlock attempts.

23, Making a call from the call log
Open Dialer .
Slide the list up and down to view all calls. Touch the name or number of the person that you want to call. If your phone has dual SIM support, select SIM1 or SIM2 to initiate the call.

24, Adding a contact to your favorites
Add frequently-contacted people to your favorites to make them easier to find.
Open Contacts .
Touch and hold the contact you want to add to your favorites, and then touch Add to favorites .
When viewing contact details, touch to add the contact to your favorites.
Edit your favorites : Touch Edit on the favorites screen. Drag next to a contact to adjust the position of the contact in your favorites list.
Remove contacts from your favorites : Touch Edit on the favorites screen. Select the contacts that you want to remove from your favorites, and then touch Remove .

25, Pinning messages to the top of the list
Pin important messages to the top of your message list so that you can access them quickly.
Open Messaging .
In the list of message threads, touch and hold the message that you want to pin to the top.
Select the desired message and touch . Pinned messages will be displayed below text message alerts.

26, Assigning a ringtone to a contact
Assign a unique ringtone to frequently used contacts so that you can easily tell who is contacting you.
Open Contacts .
Select the desired contact and touch Phone ringtone .
Select the desired ringtone or music file, and then touch .

27, Moving photos and videos
Combine photos and videos from separate albums.
Open Gallery .
On the Albums tab, there are two ways you can select files:
Move one file : Touch and hold the file that you want to move until appears in the bottom-right corner.
Move multiple files : Touch and hold a file that you want to move until appears in the bottom-right corner, and then select other files.
Touch .
Select the destination album.
Files are deleted from their original album after they have been moved.

28, Creating a guest account
Create a guest account so your friends can use your phone.
Open Settings .
Touch Advanced settings > Users .
Touch Add guest > Create .
You can also create a guest account from the lock screen. Under Lock screen settings , switch on Add users when device is locked , and then swipe down from the status bar on the lock screen.

29, Adding a secure storage space
Create a secure storage space to prevent others from accessing your messages, photos, videos, and other files.

Ensure that you have configured your fingerprint ID. For more information, see Adding a fingerprint for the first time .
Open Settings
Touch Advanced settings > Users .
Touch Add PrivateSpace . Enter a name for your secure storage space and touch Create .
Touch Switch to view your secure storage space.
You can delete or exit your secure storage space on the Users screen.

30, Naming a SIM card
By default, each SIM card is named after the carrier. You can rename your SIM card to make it easier to identify.
Open Settings .
Touch Dual SIM management
Select a SIM card. Enter a name and touch OK .
Features may vary depending on your carrier.

31, Creating or extracting archives
Compress files in a zip archive to free up space and share files more easily.
Open Files .
On the Local tab, touch Internal storage or SD card .
Touch and hold the file or folder you want to compress, and then touch > Compress .
Choose the archive destination. The selected files will be compressed into a zip file, which will be named automatically.
To extract an archive, touch and hold the archive file. Touch > Extract to and select where the contents of the archive should be extracted to.

32, Adding a Leica watermark
Add a Leica watermark to photos taken with the rear camera.
Open Camera . Swipe left on the screen to access the camera settings.
Switch on Automatically add watermarks .
When this feature is enabled, a Leica watermark will be automatically added to the bottom-left corner of photos taken with the rear camera.

33, Why is my phone screen not as bright as other phones when the screen is adjusted to maximum brightness?
There should only be a slight difference in the screen brightness for the same phones adjusted to maximum brightness. Different technology and testing standards are used for different phones. Therefore, it is normal for the maximum brightness to be different.
The maximum brightness of Huawei phones is tested before they are released and must conform with standards before being sold.
If you need to, please take your phone with its invoice to one of our service centers for testing.

34, Why doesn't my phone connect to a known Wi-Fi network when Wi-Fi+ is enabled?
Cause : There was no Internet connection last time you connected to the network.
Solution : Connect to the network manually.

35, How do I disable automatic screenshots?
Touch Settings > Smart assistance > Motion control > Smart screenshot and switch off Smart screenshot .

36, Why doesn't my phone receive online update reminders?
Change to a network environment with a better signal.
Online updates are usually sent in batches. If you haven't received an update notification for a long time, touch Settings > Updater > Check for updates , and your phone will detect whether there is a new version available or not.
If your phone has been rooted, check whether some of the system files have been deleted. If so, please visit one of the Huawei after-sales service centers to perform a version update.

37, Why can't guest users send SMS messages?
For security and privacy reasons, the guest user does not have permission to send SMS messages.