After the iPhone has already updated the system to the Ios 11 that there are many fans of the Android hope that the phone of the Huawei will also update the OS to the Android 8.0. According to the news come from the Gizok that the Huawei Mate 9 is testing the OS of the Android 8.0, and the official of the Huawei is try its best to make it adapt to many phones, which makes the Huawei fans very exciting.
huawei mate 9
According to the newest news that there is the data about the Android 8.0 in the database of the Geekbench on the Mate 9 like the other data of the phones like the Huawei Honor 9 and the Huawei Honor Note 9 with the date of the September 22, which also confirmed the news that the Android 8.0 will come sooner.

Huawei is the first manufacturer who tries to adapt for its own phones and they had succeed on the Android 7.0, with such experience that the Android 8.0 will with much improvement. It is said that the new machine of the Huawei Mate 10 that will release on October 16 will also equipped with the Android 8.0 that based on the EMUI 6.0 OS.

If the Mate 9 will update to the Android 8.0 that the Huawei P10 Plus will also update to it soon, and there is no doubt that the new flagship of the Huawei P11 that will surely be equipped with the Anfroid 8.0 or the higher version. We are so excited to wait for it.