The second Android update for the Huawei Mate 9 has been available since the beginning of January. With it comes the arrival of controls for third party music player apps on the lockscreen, plus gamers will be pleased about the display’s improved touch sensitivity.

Huawei Mobile has been delivering the first update to the Mate 9 for about a month now, which consists of the December 2016 security patches and device-specific improvements. Here is the information from the change log:
1, Fixed an issue where touch sensitivity is poor and your device is slow when you play some games, improving your gaming experience.
2, Decreased power consumption for longer usage
3, Improves the control of third-party music players on lock screen
4, Improved device security with Google security patches

With Huawei’s past updates, we’ve observed that the Mate 9 does not receive seamless updates as was supposed to be the case starting with Android 7.0 (the Google Pixel has a similar feature). Basically, this means that the Android updates would happen in the background and would be activated when restarting the phone. This way, you wouldn’t have to waste any time updating your phone. The entire update installation on the Huawei Mate 9 Pro takes around five minutes.