Huawei mobile phone issued a poster, confirm that the new flagship will debut IFA 2015 exhibition, and hinted that the new flagship will be the name of HUAWEI Mate7S. Today, the phone has unveiled the ministry.

Huawei Mate7S

From the front view, Huawei Mate7S phone frame is very impressive, only from the photos to see the phone uses a narrow border design. In addition, the machine seems to inherit the HUAWEI P8 metal body design, but also have a fingerprint recognition feature.

Huawei Mate7S will use 5.7 inches 1080P screen, equipped with kirin 935 processor, rear 1300W pixel camera, cell phone memory is 3GB. It is worth mentioning that this phone will be equipped with similar Huawei Honor 7 The Power of Touch technology. Practical experience effect is still unknown, let us together look forward to the arrival of Huawei Mate7S.