HUAWEI phone has publicly said that in September 2nd they have a new product release, and stressed that the flagship, and from the previous message, the new machine may be mate8.


Now, evleaks sent out in September 2nd HUAWEI to release a new flagship photo, the overall design looks very similar style with Huawei Ascend Mate7, the screen is very large and the use of the ID no frame design, the whole body looks very beautiful!

Huawei Mate8 will not use Force Touch technology. So ForceTouch useful? Allegedly, Force Touch is Apple for Apple Watch, the new MacBook and MacBook Pro a new touch-sensing technology. By Force Touch technology, equipment not only can identify every touch, but also can feel the touch intensity, and transferred out of different corresponding function, and has become an apple iPhone 6s/6s Plus a new bright spot.