Huawei began offering Android Marshmallow devices from November 2015 when it launched its Huawei Mate 8 with the software pre-loaded. The Huawei Mate 9, recently launched, is Nougat, the first device to offer the software.

In terms of updates, it might be a couple more months before older devices see the Nougat update but Huawei is a little quicker than others. We can't be sure if Huawei will offer 7.1 Nougat, but the company already offers one of the 7.1 additions - a swipe action on the fingerprint scanner.

The update is being worked on, with the beta software already available, but there is no definitive date when it will be released for now. It has been reported that when it does arrive that it will come to the entire Huawei P9 series and the Mate 8.

Sub-brand of Huawei, Honor, launched the Honor 7 Enhanced Edition in December 2015, offering Android Marshmallow from the box.

The company has however announced the public beta test of EMUI 5, based on Android Nougat for the Huawei Honor 8, as of 9 November.

With Honor lining up a launch at CES 2017, we suspect that wider roll-out of Nougat will follow that January device launch.