Huawei P10 certainly takes photography seriously and makes some improvement in terms of the camera compared to its predecessors, the Huawei P9, and the P8. The previous P9 and P8 devices only got the middle score, with the P9 landed in the score of 80.

Huawei P10

The Huawei P10 earned 87 points that are higher than iPhone 7 Plus, making The Smartphone's position jumps up to third place in the rankings along with Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Sony Xperia XZ, and Xperia Z5. As a top-ranked phone with a dual camera setup, P10 is only outdone by Samsung S7, Sony Xperia X Performance, and the iPhone 7 while the Google Pixels still remains in the first rank with 89 points.

The P10 is a small phone that’s very easy to use one-handed. But since it isn’t a “slim bezel” phone (more on this later), that means its compact build comes at the expense of screen size.

The Huawei P11 is really fast and smooth. It runs on Huawei’s own Kirin chip, and the 960 here is as fast as a mobile chip can get at the moment. I ran a benchmark test on Geekbench and the P10 blew away the LG G6 and the iPhone 7.