With the user-selectable flagship phone models more and more, Huawei P10 series also cut the prices.Currently in the first shop, Huawei P10 Plus of 6GB +64 GB Diamond Edition has now reduced to 3788 yuan, compared to the official website of the 4388 yuan ,cheap enough 600 yuan.
Huawei P10 Plus
In the configuration, the machine uses 5.5-inch 2K screen, equipped with Kirin 960 processor, built-in 6GB memory and 64GB body storage space, providing front 8 million pixel camera and rear 20 million +12 million pixel camera, the battery capacity is 3750mAh, run based on the Android 7.0 EMUI 5.1 system, known as the use of 18 months is not cardton.Although the Huawei P10 plus has such a high-end configuration, but it still did not achieve satisfactory sales. However the latest release of Huawei Honor 9. only 28 days to reach millions of sales, this result is really shocking.

According to the latest reports, Huawei will have released a P series mobile phone, but not Huawei P11, it is Huawei P20. From the exposure of information, this phone will be released before the Huawei mate 10, and continue to carry the Kirin 960 processor with the full-screen. It seems that Huawei wants to release a P series to increase sales, then wait until the Kirin 970 release, and only Mate 10 can be used.