Shortly after images of the Huawei P10 smartphone made it to the Internet, we have now been treated with images of the alleged Huawei P10 Plus. The Chinese company has already confirmed that the Huawei P10 will be unveiled at the company's February 26 event in Barcelona at the sidelines of MWC 2017. We can expect the alleged Huawei P10 Plus to be launched alongside the P10 smartphone.

Huawei P10 Plus

We're certain that this is the Huawei P10 and not the P10 Plus because the the phone in the image sports a flat display. According to the latest rumors, Huawei P10 Plus will boast a 5.5-inch curved-edge display, while the regular Huawei P10 version is supposed to feature a smaller 5.2-inch flat display.

The P10 phones feature a 5.5-inch screen carrying a 1440 x 2560 resolution, and are powered by a home-grown Kirin 960 chipset. The models will be equipped with an octa-core CPU and the Mali-G71 MP8 GPU. Both cameras on back of the P10 and P10 Plus will be 12MP, and we could see a selfie snappin' 8MP front-facing camera. One rumored difference between the P10 and the P10 Plus is that the latter will offer a curved-edge display, compared to the flat screen found on the former.

The Huwei P10, as well as the Huawei P10 Plus, will be officially announced on February 26, but they aren't going to be launched on the market until March.