Huawei's sales this year by leaps and bounds, since the first half of Huawei's mobile phone shipments reached 73 million units, which consolidates Huawei's position in the domestic mobile phone market.From the global market, but It is the third largest mobile phone Manufacturers after the Apple and Samsung., so in the future Huawei will continue to force in the high-end mobile phone market, Huawei P series and MATE series of mobile phones as Huawei's current two flagship is also given great expectations. In order to confront with Apple and Samsung,huawei is about to release these two new machines - Huawei P11 and Huawei mate 10.
Huawei p11
Although the Huawei P10 / P10 Plus in the first half of this year, sales more than 6 million units, but it did not meet Huawei's expected sales. Now in terms of price, the third-party market price is also a lot of collapse, the current for Huawei, and Apple, Samsung's main gap is the profit, so Huawei mate series and P series become the focus! Recently confirmed that this fall will be released this Kirin 970 processor, and with artificial intelligence, and will determine the Huawei mate 10 above the starting, but for Huawei P series is also particularly important, in order to make up for Huawei P10 sales, Huawei must Will release Huawei p11.

Huawei P11 will use the Kirin 970 processor, with full screen design. Of course, with the third generation Leica dual camera, and the use of periscope camera, rear 23 million +13 million color + black and white camera, adding a new 3D sensor shooting , which can be achieved under the fast state of the dynamic tracking focus, take pictures more stable. And Huawei P11 will continue to a small screen flagship, the use of 5.2-inch 2K HD screen. Up to 8GB shipped, 6GB shipped to start, and support Huawei's super fast charge technology.

Not only high-end flagship machine, Huawei's mid-range mobile phone also achieved very good results in the first half of the sales, which Huawei Nova 2 / Nova 2 Plus shipments of more than 1 million units, and Huwei Honor 9 sales of more than 1 million units. So Huawei is to meet the different needs of consumers.