Although the new machine of the Huawei P11 is said to be released soon, there is still much news about it that some fans of the Huawei doubt that the new machine will not with the other name instead of P11 that is still has not confirmed.

Recently, there is a exposed news attracted many people’s attention, which is about the another new machine of the Huawei P11 Lite, and from the picture in the internet we know that it is equipped with the same screen design of the iPhone X that looks the same as the iPhone and put the power and voice button on the left side of the body that the screen ratio ups to 18:9 like the phone of the Huawei Mate 10.

According to the news exposed before that the P11 series will also use 3D structured light face recognition technology. It is learned that the number of Huawei's projection point reached 300,000, 10X more than the iPhone X, and giving you an advantage in terms of safety and accuracy compared to the phone of the Huawei Honor V10.

It is said that the P11 Lite version will release in the foreign market in the next February instead of the domestic market with the price that is similar to the phone of the Huawei Nova 2s.