The current rumors about Huawei Mate 10 has begun to gradually subsided, and the user only waiting for the release of Mate 10. But now the Huawei P11 has more rumors, recently exposed the concept of P11 mobile phone, so that users exclaimed, if Huawei P11 really like this, so what to buy iPhone 8?
huawei p11
Huawei P11 will use 18: 9 ratio of 2K resolution screen, with ultra-high screen ratio, the top of the screen frame for the camera and speakers and other modules, the bottom is the words HUAWEI. At the same time with IP68 waterproof. Huawei P11 screen is said to have adopted sapphire mirror, so hardness and strength are more wear-resistant than other phones. And, under the screen fingerprint is also expected to achieve on the Huawei P11. Huawei P11 is running Android 8.0 system, is expected to work with 8GB of memory and more powerful 10-core processor. Of course, such as Huawei P10 using the lycra lens, the concept map shows Huawei P11 rear dual camera with Lycra lens, effective pixels will reach 43 million pixels, and two models of the lens. The two lenses are effective pixels equal, and both support optical zoom, and equipped with 3500 mAh battery. In addition, the phone is equipped with a new Smart Capture software, it can automatically detect the shooting environment, and optimize the camera to capture the accuracy and clarity of the picture.

When a new phone will be released ,the has been released the phone will cut prices. Huawei honor 9 listed, Huawei P10 prices continue to fall. Huawei P11 is now released, then the price of P10 will fall.In addition to these two flagship machine, Huawei honor note 9 will also be released in the second half of the year.