There is some news on the internet that the leader of the Huawei will changed for another person, and the official has replied this news quickly that is not truth, and also announced that the new machine of the Huawei P20 will meet with us at the end of March, which makes the fans very excited after waiting for a long time.

Huawei P20

It is said that Huawei probably release its new model of computer called Huawei MediaPad M5 on the MWC at the end of the February, which has improved a lot on the basis of the last generation, and the new model of the P series including the P20, Huawei P20 Plus and the Huawei P20 Pro will release a month later, which is thought to be the next popular version like the phone of the Huawei Mate 10.

According to the pictures leaked on the internet we know that the P20 will be equipped with the profiles full screen design that has not applied on the phone of the Huawei Honor V10, and its screen ratio has increased a lot on the basis of the last generation with the help of the rear three cameras while the camera of the Sricam SP019 support 80° angle view that the pictures will be more clear and beautiful than the phone of the Huawei Honor 10 while it is said that the later is equipped with the 20.0MP+12.0MP dual rear cameras.