Huawei mobile phone new conference is held in London, England, has released two products P8 and P8 MAX at the venue, the two products continuation of P series phones elegant design, excellent taking photo ability, 6.8 inches of P8 max has a bigger screen more powerful battery life and photography creative function.

Huawei P8

Huawei P8 in the design process in detail, to create a sense of pure minimalism. Nano-injection molding process, 1.5mm plastic slit width, the industry's leading seamless tight junctions. 6.4mm body thickness, supports dual SIM dual standby, 4G network, to bring greater reliability and airframe anti capability. Kirin 930 64bits octa core chip, more powerful and more efficient, increase energy efficiency by 20%, effectively balance thin body performance and energy consumption, the body thinner than Huawei honor 6 plus, longer standby time. Camera without raised huawei P8 only 6.4 mm thickness . Body support structure and use 316 low-magnetic stainless steel,  to provide enough strength and avoid OIS lens interference micron level of smoothness and accuracy requirements.

Huawei P8 Max equipped with 6.8 inches in-cell full HD JDI screen, is by far the world's largest in-cell full HD screen. 16: 9 screen ratio makes P8 max narrower fuselage, better grip and also easy to carry. With a large 4360mAh battery, but still maintained a slim 6.8mm, in the limited space did largest battery capacity. Front and rear camera with 500 + 1300W, SLR-class post-processing chip ISP (Image Processor) with optical image stabilization 1300W camera, so that the effect is more outstanding night shoot.

Huawei P8 have high and standard double version, worldwide priced at 599 euros and 499 euros, will be in more than 30 countries and regions on sale in May, the follow-up will be listed in other markets. Huawei's global pricing P8 max were 649 euros and 549 euros, will be on sale in more than 30 countries and regions, you can also book on the web site now.