Huawei mobile phones upcoming release "best product" P8 will be in April 16th to open appointment in Huawei mall Vmall and platform.

Huawei P8

All reservations users will also have free lottery win Huawei P8, B2, P8 mobile phone smart flip cover, coupons and other heavy manners. You can also focus on  Huawei Terminal and Huawei Mall, through sharing purchase P8 successfully information to friends way win Huawei Honor X2, for the vast number of consumers, is undoubtedly a good news!

Huawei in the field of smart phones has made great progress. According to statistics, 2014 Huawei smart phone shipments up to 75 million units, an increase of 45 percent, the highest in the world's top three, while the high-end smart phone shipments change is particularly significant, the proportion rose to 18%. Among them, Huawei P series with the ultimate design and excellent camera features is the critically acclaimed, only Huawei last year launched P series Huawei P7 listing sold, listed half shipments will exceed 4 million units.

2015 years for the new P series of Huawei P8 be listed again, in addition to inheriting Huawei P Series product features, more innovative worth the wait. The  Huawei P8 appointment will run from at 10:08 on April 16 points started to at 18:18 on April 22 deadline, you want to buy Huawei P8, please visit the website, query information.