Huawei mobile phone released in P8 and P8 Max and P8 Lite, at the same time, the new EMUI 3.1 system also officially unveiled, provide the function design and a number of innovative simple experience.

Huawei P8

Through Huawei P8, EMUI 3.1 system a number of innovative features to excellent play. "Situational intelligence" feature provides users with a new mobile phone management mode, so that the phone can automatically identify within your SMS, and do centralized management, allowing users to travel to become clear.

"Streamer Shutter" and "charm me" in two photograph of new features for users with a more professional, more enjoyable viewing experience. "Streamer Shutter" support  light painting graffiti, silk flowing, gorgeous Xinggui four special effects, the visual experience timelapse SLR camera moved to the phone, no need to set the parameters, the screen effect is particularly cool. "Charm Me" is set in advance in the camera is smooth, white, and other parameters, when the camera can immediately recognize the owner himself and automatically create the most suitable for the owner of the skin effect, let you instantly gorgeous transformation.

Huawei P8

"Voice wake up" the functional design is very intimate, the user voice commands to complete a sentence, you can let the phone by voice, the flash, the screen flashes, vibration, etc. where the mobile phone to alert the user, you can also use it to record your own exclusive wake word, let Huawei P8 Max become the exclusive life assistant.

In addition, through Huawei TalkBand B2 can realize the mobile phone near the free password to unlock function, but EMUI 3.1 also supports a variety of Bluetooth devices to achieve a combination of functions of mobile phones and accessories.