Huawei mobile phone after years of development, P series has become a very mature product line, And with the current Mate series has become an Huawei important product, In April 15th Huawei in London for the global release of the latest P8 mobile phone, by P6, P7 re-create the classic heritage and development.

Huawei P8

Huawei P8 still continues P series and lightweight, with a 5.2 inches screen, on the one hand feel and operate than large-screen phone outstanding convenient. Huawei P8 version equipped with a new system based on Android 5.0 development EMUI 3.1, the overall design language relatively cool, simple. Then set a 1300W pixel camera, with Sony IMX278 back-illuminated sensor, compared to the IMX214 has a larger sensor size, image quality is better.

Huawei P8 Max and P8 inherit the Huawei P series ultimate fashion design, has not yet released by the industry high attention. Users are more directly felt fusion "6.4mm thin body," "Full Metal integrated design" outstanding shape; "streamer shutter", "director mode", "quadruple panoramic Self," "Charm My Self" many types of creative shooting functions, as well as original knuckle screenshots, power firewall features and "intelligent alerts" and other usability features, users thus get more handy operating experience.

Huawei P8

Huawei P8 in the configuration and technology also has a number of industry first. Such as: built-first support for four-color 13 million pixel RGBW sensor Sony IMX 278 camera; industry's unique Signal+ technology, through compact and powerful dual-antenna design and rapid antenna intelligent switching technology; often take high-speed rail users, Huawei P8 provide a "high-speed rail mode" at speeds exceeding 300 km conditions can significantly enhance call completion rate ... sort of revolutionary innovation, access to praise also won recognition.

Huawei's latest flagship phone, Huawei P8 in the design, development and manufacturing  can be described as consuming effort. Huawei P8 will become "one of 2015's most popular smart phones." Obviously, huawei importance to P8 releases, as well as the expectation of P8 sales, show its bigger market expectations.