Huawei mobile phone held P8max media tasting, this move means that Huawei P8max will coming soon.

Huawei P8 Max outstanding big-screen experience

Configuration, Huawei P8max equipped with 6.8 inches in-cell Full HD JDI screen, is by far the world's largest in-cell Full HD screen. 16: 9 screen ratio makes P8max body narrower. With 4360mAh large battery, but still maintained a 6.8mm slim, in the limited space did largest battery capacity.

Front and rear camera phones use 500 + 1300W combinations, as same as Huawei P8, SLR-class post-processing chip ISP (Image Processor) with optical image stabilization 1300W camera, and make the night take photo effect more outstanding.

Huawei P8max has 6.8 inches of high-definition big screen, split screen feature will fully show "big-screen phone" charm. A large screen will be divided into two distinct regions, while experiencing two different applications, so that the phone's multitasking operation more convenient.

Huawei P8 Max outstanding big-screen experience

Huawei P8max equipped with a 4360mAh battery, also uses a unique Huawei's intellectual power 3.1 power saving technology, battery life significantly can watch the video for more than 10 hours. HUAWEI P8max is also higher than the industry's test standards, namely 1500 mobile phone battery cycle 400-500 test within the 2-3 months.

In other respects, Huawei P8 Max can also automatically detect some of the user's behavior, these behavioral analysis to proactively tell the user a number of matters of concern. Such as travel alerts, scheduled flights will receive a short message, this specific boarding time, the Background Intelligent engine will detect this message and trace from booking to travel the whole process, including travel reminders, weather forecast, airport traffic etc., inform the user what is the most suitable time to travel, which way to go and so on. This is the scene smart features, P8max instantly incarnation intimate secretary, wholeheartedly for your service.