Huawei mobile phone today held a global conference in london, which is Huawei three consecutive year in Europe released flagship product, and also the second time in London to create a "technology and aesthetics," the conference.

Huawei P8

Around the 2015 year this Huawei's first flagship product has a lot of rumors, Huawei mobile phone CEO Yu Chengdong in 2015 China IT Leadership Summit revealed: "P8 will be a higher level than the Huawei P7 in the material, technology, experience, camera, battery life and other aspects ", P8 conference invitations exposure, with the exact knowledge of the outside world, this highly anticipated works. Huawei P8 will soon begin its mystery, Huawei P8 in the end what to look forward to things to watch it, we take a look.

Aspect One: style varies greatly, aesthetics be extended
P8 phone's back with a metal material, but slightly fuzzy picture does not give a definite answer outside. And judging from the P8 spy photo, Huawei P8 possibility of using the full integration of a large metal. Because of the all-metal cell phone technology requirements, difficult to implement, the high cost, and therefore on the market today, "the true meaning" full metal phone only Apple, HTC and Huawei. Huawei mobile phones on the basis of Huawei mate7, the metal will do what the extreme, to give us any surprises? Worth the wait!

Huawei P series has been adhering to the ultimate pursuit of aesthetic design, in addition to the design process as well as to conduct strictly controlled. From previous exposure news, Huawei P8 repeatedly carved in detail, perhaps in time debut release, people more stunning and shocking.

Aspect Two: Shooting highlights
According to Yu Chengdong revealed that Huawei P8 will be a qualitative leap in the camera, and the subsequent exposure of invitations and spy photos, seems to confirm this. Conference invitation light painting on a black background "down 8" pattern, the outside world has been keen to interpret objects. Many people believe that Huawei P8 Max in the shooting experience or dark light shooting scene seems to hide a special function.

Spy photos from the exposure, you can clearly see the mobile phone camera with a color temperature of the flash. Flash color temperature can be achieved in low-light conditions mutually fill light, adjust the lighting effect, ensure quality natural, clear and greatly enhance the performance of P8 at night shooting. Combined with the invitation, we have reason to believe that the camera function will be the biggest highlight of P8.

Aspect Three: the high-end price positioning
Conference announced the price is the same Key, based on the success of the mate7, The market price of huawei flagship P8 may be higher, the possibility of 4000+ yuan a lot. And if the previous conjecture, highly integrated, all-metal, superb craftsmanship, powerful the camera enough to support at this price. From Huawei P8 Lite sophisticated packaging, it seems to be the location of P8 on the high-end crowd.

Of course, in addition to the above three Aspect, I believe there are more Huawei P8 aspect has not been exposed, it also gives a global conference to be held today, leaving more mystery. April 15 London conference, let us wait and see!