Huawei mobile phone is set to release a new generation flagship machine P8 in London in April 15th. P8 commercials have also been announced. Watch videos based on technological sense, everywhere reflect innovative feel. Theme also will be exposed, that is, " capture the light of miracles."

Huawei P8

Huawei P8 promo released. It is understood that this promo theme of "capturing light Miracle", filming and release sites are in London. Meanwhile, the whole film viewing to give the impression is a very cool and technological sense, as if the whole city lights are convergence to the mobile phone.

According website information, Huawei P8 code named Grace, currently has five versions get a network license, and rumors have standard and high version available. As for prices, a matter of concern, according to Huawei's mobile product line P Series of view, from Huawei P6 to Huawei P7, two generations of Huawei P series phones have two hundred yuan the price increase, it is expected that the Huawei standard edition price is 3088 yuan, while the high version was 3288 yuan.

Moreover, Huawei P8 will use 5.2 inches 1080p display, powered by octa core Kirin 935 2.2GHz processor, built 3GB RAM and 16GB of storage space, running Android 5.0 system, providing 2520mAh battery, while supporting dual card dual standby. The camera, offers a 1300W pixel rear camera and a 500W pixel front camera.