Huawei mobile phone once again release news about P8. From the beginning of 2015, this will be the highly anticipated new product, not like the rumors before follows the classic P7 glass, but with a full metal body design; and upcoming Huawei P8 uses aluminum full Integrated metal fuselage.

Huawei P8

Whether spy photo or close big picture, there were a lot of metal figure, but was only speculation as the metal frame, and no bolder association. In addition, Huawei has long been used in Huawei Mate7, G7 and other outstanding products, the integration of a full metal body and gain a lot of reputation. Based on the Huawei for metal body rich manufacturing experience, as Huawei's flagship product --P8 applied a full metal body is also not surprising.

Metal become synonymous with "high end". Perhaps some friends know that metal is so "noble", the problem is not just the cost of the material itself, more important is the process of making ultra-high requirements for the process. Particularly difficult to achieve high integration of all-metal body. Metal material needed to create mobile phone technology and the cost of the brand, it requires both the ability, but also need courage.

Currently, the introduction of all-metal mobile phone manufacturers have only just Apple, HTC and Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi phones and other metal products also known as just realized the metal frame. Huawei P8 uses all-metal body design integration not only meet the current fashion trends, but also reflects the Huawei has superb technology level.

Huawei P8 and Huawei P8 Lite at the details of the deal is very delicate, smooth lines processing, all of which show the key warm Huawei aesthetic pursuit for the ultimate product. Because metal applications, make signal problems particularly prominent, but last year Huawei launched metal phone Mate7, G7 through "smart antenna technology" to achieve dual antenna switch, ensuring cell phone signals smooth, to win user acceptance. Based on the performance of the product, I believe that as the 2015's flagship product Huawei P8 will have more improvements in this regard.

Huawei P8 as P7 and Mate7 after another originality, Has not appeared already the focus on the industry and the public's attention. In addition to the all-metal surprise, Huawei P8 and Huawei P8 Max which will also bring less imagery, just waiting for the April 15 London conference as we announced!