Huawei mobile phone consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong mouth "the best smartphones" Huawei P8 release in London. Huawei P8 perfect transmission P Series "extreme fashion" design style, first proposed the concept of a unique camera, more convenient intelligent applications and high-quality network connection speed , is designed to create high-quality user experience. It is reported that Huawei P8 China conference scheduled for April 22, at the same time, Huawei P8 price will also be announced.

Huawei P8

Huawei P8 integrated all-metal body thickness of only 6.4mm, thinner than Huawei honor 6 Plus, once again challenge the limits of industrial design. Nano-injection molding process, 1.5mm plastic slit width, the industry's leading seamless tight junctions. Three shark gill design, to the body to bring greater reliability and anti drop capabilities. Kirin 935 newly developed octa core 64-bit processors, to achieve the operation efficiency and power consumption of perfect balance.

Huawei continues P series of excellent camera features, Huawei P8 with hardware and software to enhance two-way. Huawei P8 RGBW Sensors using the Sony IMX278, pixels 1300W, in high contrast environments can enhance the brightness under 32%, 78% reduction in low-light environments noise, picture performance is more delicate. With the support of F2.0 large aperture, and further enhance the amount of light, the light source in a complex with even better performance. In addition, Huawei P8 supports optical image stabilization, OIS angle up to 1.2o, better than HUAWEI MATE7.

Huawei P8 and Huawei P8 Max in the network connection experience, providing seamless communication for users to enjoy. The industry's unique Signal+ technology, through the double antenna design compact and powerful and rapid antenna intelligent switching technology, intelligent recognition of usage scenarios, keep good communication signals. The new "High-speed Rail mode" is over 300 kilometers per hour in the conditions, greatly enhanced the call completion rate.

As the London conference perfect end, Huawei P8 domestic conference will be held in Shanghai in April 22, domestic users feel close Huawei P8 more the charm of science and technology.