In addition to its Huawei P9 Lite, Huawei P9 Plus has had its official pricing details unveiled so let us take a look at them to see what the company is going to charge us for its premium flagship handset.

Huawei P9 Plus

Being a trimmed-down version of the flagship, expect this device to carry some features of the Huawei P9, but in a lower capacity. As previous rumors had indicated, the P9 Plus comes with a screen size of 5.5 inches that manages a resolution of 1080p. As far as the RAM is concerned, the Huawei P9 Plus is 4GB, unlike the flagship version which gets 4GB and 6GB variants.

Further, under the hood, you will come across a Huawei-made Kirin 955 SoC. The company never goes near the Snapdragons of this world and instead relies on its reliable in-house production. Although a little weaker than the flagship Kirin 960, the Huawei P9 Plus still promises decent performance thanks to its octa-core configuration, although the speed of the cores is not yet known.

Thanks to its large screen, Huawei was able to accommodate a larger cell underneath its hood, and that value stands in at 3,400mAh. Since most manufacturers have started to switch to USB-C cables, it should not come as a surprise that Huawei P9 Max also came with this particular connector. The battery is compatible with a fast charging feature, but we are not so sure that it is due to the connector itself that will contribute to this.

Huawei P9 Plus is an expensive smartphone, and we would like to know your thoughts on its pricing, hardware, and aesthetics.