Dual-camera was recently featured in Huawei Honor 8 and Huawei P9 smartphones. Apple now felt the need of including dual camera feature in its iPhone and added two 12 MP cameras on iPhone 7 Plus. Apple said that the new iPhone 7 Plus’s dual camera setup can create DSLR-like images.

iPhone is already on the top of every smartphone list; performance, design, operating system and camera. This time, Apple did something new with the iPhone 7 Plus camera. Apple iPhone 7 Plus packs two 12 MP cameras at the back and quad LED true tone flash. iPhone 7 Plus features two 12 MP camera at the back; a 28 mm wide-angle lens and a 56 mm telephoto lens.

iPhone 7 Plus camera is capable of 2X optical zoom, just open the camera and swipe to zoom. Lots of other smartphones also  A lens can only perform better if paired with a better processor. Apple created an image signal processor for both iPhone 7 and claims that this processor uses machine learning to scan the scene and optimize the camera settings to get the best shot. As Schiller claimed, this image processor performs 100 billion operations in 25 milliseconds which makes it a true supercomputer for photos.

Huawei P9 also amazed us with its dual lens Leica camera setup and Huawei claimed about the camera that it can capture DSLR-like pictures. The camera specs of Huawei P9 are the two 12 MP Sony IMX286 sensor with dual LED flash and laser autofocus. Huawei P9 dual camera is the first smartphone camera in the world to capture the “Bokeh Effect”,  according to Huawei.

The dual camera in Huawei P9 works differently from iPhone 7 Plus and Huawei Honor 8. One of the sensors captures black and white image and other captures the color image. Phone processes the image and create another image using both images as a result. The black and white sensor absorbs 300% more light than regular smartphone cameras, thus creates much brighter images.

When first dual camera setup released and claimed that it’s better than single camera smartphones, no one believed them. But now Apple has done it and everyone including me should believe that dual camera setup is better than single lens setup.