Method 1: Reliance Jio Sim No Network Signal Problem Solution: Restart Your Device

The most common solution to any problem so just start with this. Try restarting your device by keeping the Jio sim in the sim slot. This might work depending on your problem, the most common solution to reliance jio sim no network signal problem.

Method 2: Reliance Jio Sim No Network Signal Problem Solution: Place the Jio Sim in correct Slot

This is the common mistake, this solution is widely applicable to this problem. Just remove the sim from it’s slot and place your reliance jio sim in first slot or LTE enabled slot. This will give you the reliance jio sim signal and it works every mobile.

Method 3: Check Your Network Settings

For android users on How to Get Reliance Jio Sim Signal in your Phone:

If you are using android device then you have to check these method. This will make one small change in your network settings and it will fix reliance jio sim no network signal problem in your device.
1. By Rebooting
1) Enter the code *#*#4636#*#* in keypad
2) Then Click on option called ‘Phone Info’
3) Tap on Run Ping Test
4) Radio option will be visible on your screen.Just Make sure it is ‘ON‘
5) Once it is done, you will be asked to Reboot device. Once completed,you can check whether your network is back or not.

2. Set up your Network Manually
1) First Go to Settings
2) Tap on More Networks
3) Then Click on Mobile Networks
4) If you holds a dual SIM phone,just make sure your Network mode SIM is on ‘WCDMA‘ which is common for the both 3G and 4G
5) If above steps doesn’t work,then visit Network Operators>Search Network>Follow the steps asked>Select preferred network.

Method 4: Reliance Jio Sim No Network Signal Problem Solution for Any Mobile (Emergency Calls Only Solution) :

The following trick has been shared by one of our user named Raman, so credits goes to him. It did worked for him so he shared with us, let us know in the comments if it is working for you people or not.

Steps to Get Reliance jio sim No network Problem Solution
1) Settings > Sim Cards and Mobile Networks > Jio 4G > Cellular Networks
2) “Turn off Mobile Data First: You need to turn off mobile data while you switch to another network” > Click on Ok
3) Now have patience becoz it will take around 2-5 mins and then you will get different networks.
4) Select Jio 4G Jio 4G (in Loop)
5) You will recieve a message on the bottom on the screen “Registered On Network”.

Now try to use internet.

Method 5: For iPhone users on How To Get Reliance Jio Sim Signal

Every iPhone user now can enjoy Jio Preview offer, but if you are facing reliance jio sim no network signal problem then you can follow these simple steps to get reliance jio sim signal in your device.
Go to Settings
Choose Cellular Option
And Ensure your Cellular Data
If still you dont’ get your network back, Restore your Network Settings.

If you are a Reliance Jio Sim card user, there are some points that you need to check them.

Point 1: You must check whether you are on the LTE network. To know this, you can go to Settings>Mobile networks>preferred Network Type>Switch it on to 4G compatible LTE network.

Point 2: Go to Settings>Accessibility>JioSecurity Service>Turn On In case if you are wondering what is the JioSecurity or if your device doesn’t have it, you can just simply download it from MyJio App.

Tips to avoid Reliance Jio Sim No Network Signal Problem
1) Make sure to use the Jio supported 4g VoLTE device.
2) Your sim should be activated, in case if you planning to place in other device.
3) Make sure that you are using 4g supported device
4) You can even enable 4g option in any 3g mobile with our tricks.
5) In case of dual sim make sure to place the jio sim in 4G supported slot, most cases 1st slot.

By following the above steps you can solve Reliance Jio sim No Network Signal Problem, you must avoid some minor problems. Make sure to check if reliance jio sim no network signal problem isn’t from jio side. In some places they don’t have 4g tower so just double check that before following above steps.